When registering, all identity fields must be filled out correctly. Otherwise, if the identity fields are incorrect, your account will be closed/banned and you will not receive any compensation. ACCP may change or supplement the above policy at any time and is under no obligation to notify customers. The final version offered is the one available on the official Config Server website at AiocheapCp.Com. It will be localized and operational for all customers.

Refund conditions

If you have a problem and ACCP cannot resolve it, your entire payment will be refunded. If less than 1 month passes, the fee will be fully refunded, otherwise only the renewal fee + 25% of the license system installation cost will be refunded. Server setup costs and other costs are non-refundable and will only be credited to your account on an as-needed basis. (If the setup is not yet complete or incomplete). If the transaction was made with cryptocurrency, you will have to pay network fees.

Refund for any others/personal reason

If you request a refund for any reason, a setup fee will be deducted from your payment and a refund extension fee will apply. If you use the service for more than a month, there are no return costs. Setup free is totally non refundable because we have to pay for setting up your license.

Renewal Of Service

Users are required to renew the service before the due date. All services are extended for 30 days and it doesn't matter if it's 30 days or 28 days. All have been extended for an additional 30 days. If the service is renewed after a few days, the above service will be renewed for another 30 days from the same renewal date and is not linked to the due date.


Any insult to ACCP Services, Sponsors and Administrators through all means of communication: email, ticket system, live chat, telephone and in person in any form is prohibited and server configuration may completely suspend the service and close your account without refund. ACCP Designed and prepared by professionals, and almost everything is done to provide better and more exclusive service. However, it may not be possible to provide the above system. Currently, ACCP has multiple methods for each system. All are private and hidden and cannot be recognized by anyone. So if one of the methods is closed, you can use another and there is no problem. . In the event of a system shutdown, special conditions will be taken into account depending on the time purchased.

Customer Support

Support services can be provided on servers on which AiocheapCp license systems are installed, and support can be provided if the problem affects the license system or the software developer's primary support. For example, cPanel does not handle MySQL issues, but if an error is received in cPanel itself, it will be handled, allowing the server configuration to act as the primary constructor. If AiocheapCp is operated by us, support is free up to 1 month after server setup and delivery, and if there is a problem with the server, we will solve it. Support tickets will be answered during business hours (this may take up to 24 hours) and tickets will be processed on a first come, first served basis. So don't send the tickets individually.

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